Mercurial Frame is about moods, music and perspectives that we have built up upon the surrounding world of ours. How people see and feel about the life and the world they live in can often be experienced through music and arts but it will always have that personal frame of taxonomies and biases – thus the name Mercurial Frame. Ultimately this is a personal journey and diary of different things that I find fascinating, but in the same time a catalog made for others to find music for different occasions.

About the Music

The music collection that you can find through this website might not have any proper entity. It is just good music without any defining but my own personal taste – which means that the main thread is around 1970’s and outside the western radio pop. I think that the best experience on the music can be achieved with original vinyls but that’s not the point of this website. I appreciate the accessibility above originals and want to give people a good opportunity to enjoy music and investigate the world with ease. Nevertheless a big appreciation and thanks goes to the tireless record collectors, diggers and labels that push their findings and knowledge to daylight.

Please, support the culture if you want it to evolve and exist!

I’ll try to make it clear which words are not mine and give credits to the original texts and its producers. If you find something inappropriately quoted, credited, copied, photographed or linked, please let me know.

// Otto J //

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