Jason Joshua & The Beholders ‎– Alegria Y Tristeza

Jason Joshua and the Mango Hill Records are behind the best…
2021-03-17/by OttoJ

João Gilberto – Amoros

Perfect bossanova album
2021-03-17/by OttoJ

Unilauluja Lailalle #1

90 minutes of environmental ambient, soft melodies, synthesizers, dreaming landscapes, distant folk stories and blissful moments.
2021-03-17/by OttoJ

Penny Penny – Yogo Yogo

A glimpse into a 1996 South Africa's state of mind with a house groove like no other.
2020-11-23/by OttoJ

Ryo Fukui – Scenery

2020-11-23/by OttoJ

Admas – Sons of Ethiopia

Ethiopian melodies - high-tech and low-budget, worldly and local, futuristic and nostalgic, funky and delicate
2020-11-22/by OttoJ

Ichiko Aoba – Kamisori Otome (青葉市子 ‎– 剃刀乙女)

Japanese folk for those quiet moments
2020-11-22/by OttoJ

Laila Kinnunen – Laila (1965)

One of the most iconic Finnish female singers from the 1960's
2020-11-22/by OttoJ

Eero Raittinen with the White Knuckles Trio – Live at Suisto

When you want to spice up your car rides with good blues and immersive energies
2020-11-22/by OttoJ

Maajo – Kuru Kuru

This one is for the nature lovers!
2020-04-26/by OttoJ

Ali Hassan Kuban – From Nubia to Cairo

Ancient Nubian melodies played on a background of pulsating Western beats and sounds that draw from American jazz and international pop
2020-04-16/by OttoJ

Morning of the blooming trees

A playlist for those beautifully specific spring mornings when…
2020-03-07/by OttoJ

Cambodia’s lost & found soul & rock’n’roll

Between 1960s and early 1970s a flourishing music scene…
2019-12-01/by OttoJ

Toco – Outro Lugar

Classic Rio De Janeiro Bossa Nova meets Milan's jazz. Proper…
2019-11-19/by OttoJ

Lobi Traoré – Rainy Season Blues

A man, quitar and the blues.

Link to Spotify

2019-11-18/by OttoJ

Haley Heynderickx – I Need to Start a Garden

Deep and beautiful folk music. And probably the most accurate…
2019-11-18/by OttoJ

Brenda Ray – naffi years 1979 – 1983

Definitely the album for warm summer days and long never…
2019-07-29/by OttoJ

Essentials: Molam, Luk-Thung & affiliates from Thailand

Promised to a friend that I would collect essential molam &…
2019-04-13/by OttoJ

A Musical Anthology of the Outerworld

I'm going to be playing records with DJ Feles Fosforus at Tampere…
2019-03-31/by OttoJ

Saigon supersound

Pop music from 60's and 70's Vietnam is quite hard to come by…
2019-03-31/by OttoJ

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos – Rockstone

Rock solid mixture of reggae and soul - new and old. Firmly…
2019-03-18/by OttoJ

Mäkelä Sessions #4 – folk & jazz from Arabs, Muslims and beyond

Miscellaneous low and deep folk and jazz from Arabs, Muslims…
2019-02-17/by OttoJ

Latin souls

In the summer of 2018, I was exploring the wonderful world of…
2019-02-12/by OttoJ

Kourosh Yaghmaei

Now-Again Records is proud to present Back From The Brink,…
2018-04-05/by OttoJ

Tran Manh Tuan – Jungle Lullaby

Many years ago I stumbled over to Tran Manh Tuans jazz bar…
2018-04-02/by OttoJ

Ernie Hawks and the Soul Investigators – Scorpio Man

A new colossal star rises in the twilight of funky soul jazz…
2018-04-02/by OttoJ

Gumba Fire

In 1980s black South Africa a local form of pop music evolved…
2018-03-24/by OttoJ

The Scorpios

“Hailing from Central Sudan and now based in London after…
2017-12-03/by OttoJ

Tiiu Helinä – Veli

Tiiu Helinä Sataa from El Camino Records on Vimeo.
2017-12-03/by OttoJ

Luedji Luna – Un Corpo No Mundo

"Born in the Cabula quilombo (a runaway slave community),…
2017-12-02/by OttoJ
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