I made an old school c-cassette mixtape recording for my friends family. I recorded simultaneously on c-cassette and digital but unfortunately the digirecorder failed. So here’s only the tracks from Spotify – the recording work ended up to be an unique mixtape just like in old times.

Unilauluja Lailalle (Lullabies for Laila) is also a (‘zine’)story about my personal autumn and winter with tracks I had found interesting during my forest trips, nature walks and inspirational moments with this one new special person in my life.

90 minutes of environmental ambient, soft melodies, synthesizers, dreaming landscapes, distant folk stories and blissful moments.

Played some music and streamed it to the SWGBBO Isolation Club Weekender. Electronic whatnot, reggae, Indian disco – you name it!

A playlist for those beautifully specific spring mornings when the ambience is fragile and the nature is taking its steps towards new life.


I’m going to be playing records with DJ Feles Fosforus at Tampere on April 13th. Below a sampler of what kind of tunes and moods to expect.

fb event

Miscellaneous low and deep folk and jazz from Arabs, Muslims and beyond that I have been playing during autumn yard works and train travels.

In the summer of 2018, I was exploring the wonderful world of latin soul.

Below a playlist of the tracks that kept on playing.

 Jazzy playlist for contemplating and easy sunday mornings by Mercurial Frame.

Shuffle play recommended.

A compilation of same spirited songs from Senegal to Cuba and surrounding areas. Shuffle play preferred.