DJ set @ Sumus UG’s chillout room on one night in Oct. 2021

Recorded at Mäkelä 06082021 with V.J. Blad



Jason Joshua and the Mango Hill Records are behind the best new soul you can find recently.



Perfect bossanova album. No questions asked. Recommended to be used during all times near satisfactional moments like cooking, dreaming and love making.

I made an old school c-cassette mixtape recording for my friends family. I recorded simultaneously on c-cassette and digital but unfortunately the digirecorder failed. So here’s only the tracks from Spotify – the recording work ended up to be an unique mixtape just like in old times.

Unilauluja Lailalle (Lullabies for Laila) is also a (‘zine’)story about my personal autumn and winter with tracks I had found interesting during my forest trips, nature walks and inspirational moments with this one new special person in my life.

90 minutes of environmental ambient, soft melodies, synthesizers, dreaming landscapes, distant folk stories and blissful moments.

A glimpse into a 1996 South Africa’s state of mind with a house groove like no other.


Summoning traditional Ethiopian melodies from the newest instruments within reach (synthesizers, drum machines, electric guitars), Admas specialized in paradox, generating exquisite new grooves that felt high-tech and low-budget, worldly and local, futuristic and nostalgic, funky and delicate.

Chris Richards, Washington Post

One of the most iconic Finnish female singers from the 1960’s